Google Visitor Experience

Become inspired by imaginative art

The public art at the Google Visitor Experience pays homage to community, innovation, and sustainability. Inside the Google Store, Cafe, and the Huddle, you’ll find artworks from local artists who are a part of Google’s Artist in Residence program. Outdoors, explore life-sized art pieces facilitated by Burning Man Project, with input from the local community, especially for the plaza.

Over 10 artworks

Outdoor art

We invite you to explore the outdoor plaza artworks through curiosity, touch, and play. Facilitated by Burning Man Project, the group of six interactive and imaginative artworks were selected in collaboration with the local Mountain View community. At a series of gatherings that inspired the artwork’s themes, we listened to the community’s stories of childhood adventure and curiosity, learned how people orient themselves through landmarks, and heard a real desire for experiences that are playful. We hope that this new outdoor art space will enhance common bonds and generate human connections through interactive and dynamic art.

Indoor art

Google’s Artist in Residence program recognizes artists as essential innovators who inspire creativity in the communities where we live and work. We commission artists to create original artworks in Google spaces around the world, and their artwork in places like the Google Visitor Experience amplifies the program’s goals of building community, inspiring creativity, and fostering innovation. At the Google Visitor Experience, you can find Artist in Residence artwork in the Cafe, the Huddle, and the Google Store. Artists include Kelly Ording, John Patrick Thomas, Miguel Arzabe, and Angelica Trimble-Yanu, who are all based in the Bay Area.